Can We Talk?

A fabulous friend of mine asked if I would be willing to be a keynote speaker for an event in Seattle this week. It is an LGBT work summit called Out and Equal, and as I think about the theme of the event, "Reshaping the Conversation", my mind wildly takes a years long journey of the personal monologue in my head.

Conversation, is it a lost art in today's society, our need to know, the inability to slow down, the endless stream of information feels as if it is clogging our brains with information that a times feels indulgent, and lacks substance beyond hyperbole.

How do we create meaningful conversation, learn from another. It is my life's mission to figure this out. I find my heart longing, and saddened that perhaps it cannot be obtained, but I will not give up the fight.

So were do we go from here... in our state of Washington we have rights that protect LGBT people from discrimination, we now have marriage rights, but are we done as a community? Have we obtained our goals, are we truly equal?

Companies that make changes to support and demand equality for all employes is noble, and frankly should be expected, but what about you and I, what is expected of each of us. What is your personal mission statement, what would be the conversation you are longing to have with another?

My goal for the "Conversation", hasn't changed, it begins with me listening to my heart and pushing ever so gently, and maybe at times perhaps a bit more strongly for compassion, dignity and grace.

Without, dare I say any of us can have a conversation at all.

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