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To learn more about Charlene and her work, please check out her Press Kit

What people are saying about Charlene



Charlene Strong has an ability to connect with an audience via story sharing and challenging individuals to make change.  She has an outstanding ability to motivate her audience to understand social justice and the impact inclusion can have on the world.  Charlene will undoubtably challenge your organization and leave a lasting impact. Shannon Dettore, Director of LGBT Services, Central Michigan University


Charlene has a unique ability to unite passion and purpose into a single catalytic message. Listening to her speak it is impossible to feel anything other than called to action in support of the critical needs of the communities for which she advocates. As a panelist she is incomparable, irreplaceable, and highly recommended.  Holly Teige, Snohomish Co. Commission on Human Rights


Charlene is a perfect blend of passion, purpose, and unruffled composer. I've heard her speak of her commitment to compassion, dignity, and grace. I think that allows her to tackle divisive issues with a stealthiness that opens even the most challenging audience to her message. Her style and demeanor gives audience members permission to consider other points of view, and to do so without falling into the common trap of fighting versus conversing. She does not fade on the tough questions and stereotypical comments about marriage equality. Her responses are unflinching, respectful, and disarming - a tough combination to debate. Charleneâs telling of her own personal experience, the opportunity to look an audience in the eye and put a face to the string of injustices that she withstood, makes her message even more powerful. Andrea Compton, Associate Professor, SCCC 


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